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Law-General: How can I change my 'Forward email' settings?
Law-General: How does the helpdesk work?
Law-General: How does SisA work?
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Study programme
Law-Study programme: Are my credits still valid?
Law-Study programme: Who can help me with my questions about the study programme?
Law-Study programme: Where can I find information about course contents?
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Law-Enrolment: Why has my account been blocked?
Law-Enrolment: Can I apply for a scholarship or study grant?
Law-Enrolment: I want to combine studies with work
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Study counselling and study progress control
Law-Study progress: How do I contact the study counsellor
Law-Study progress: how can the study counsellor help me?
Law-Study progress: When will I have obtained a study credit (certificate)?
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Law-Timetable: When and where do the lectures take place?
Law-Timetable: I’m following a model programme and can see a timetable conflict in SisA. How can I resolve this issue?
Law-Timetable: How do I know which lecture I am to attend?
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Law-Exams: Can I get a certificate for paid educational leave (PEL) for the exams?
Law-Exams: I failed to obtain a credit or pass (at least 10/20) for one or more courses during the first-session exams. Can I try to recover my deficit during the second-session exams?
Law-Exams: What do I need to do if I cannot attend an exam due to extenuating circumstances?
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Deliberation and degree
Law-Graduation: What is a degree class?
Law-Graduation: What are the deliberation regulations for the master programme?
Law-Graduation: When will I graduate?
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Useful addresses
Law: Where can I get a credit certificate or transcript of records?
Law: Questions about study programme, education or faculty?
Law: Where can I buy books and syllabi?
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Employed students programme
Law: How do I get an certificate for educational leave?
Law: How to I register as an employed student?
Law-Master: What are modules in the Master programme?
Law-Master: What is a study subplan?
Law-Master: Which courses can I take as a combination of the bachelor and master programmes?
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Master project
Law-Master: I want to take a thesis semester next year. How do I do that?
Law-Master: Can I choose a new subject for my thesis?
Law-Master: What does the Master project consist of?
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Mobility window
Law-Mobility: What does the mobility window entail within the Master of Laws programme?
Law-Mobility: Where can I find information about summer schools?

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