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Law: How do I get an certificate for educational leave?


If you are eligible for paid educational leave (PEL), you should request a certificate of regular enrolment or an attendance certificate via the Helpdesk (mentioning your matriculation number) at the beginning of the academic year. This does not apply for students under an exam contract, who can get their certificate for educational leave directly from the Registrar’s Office.

The faculty will supplement the document with the contact hours you were actually present, based on the verification procedure of your presence, which entails you printing and filling out a attendance certificate for each course and having it signed by the lecturer at every class. The certificate can be found on Blackboard under organisation Law > employed students > educational leave. The forms have to be filled out every trimester and handed in to the faculty student administration office (e.g. in the pigeonhole no. 001) before each trimester’s deadline has expired.

Make sure you print out new attendance certificates every trimester to complement your courses. Mention all your contact moments for the correct weeks (also those you could not attend), the number of hours you were present and also the total and warranted number of hours have to be filled out at the bottom of the page.

You can only request educational leave for lectures that start at 4 p.m. or later!

The deadlines for handing in the attendance certificates at the faculty student administration office are: Friday before the Christmas holidays, Friday before the Easter holidays and the last lecture day of the academic year.

If you still have a lecture on the evening of a deadline, you may drop your attendance certificate into the faculty student administration office’s pigeonhole immediately after class. For directions, read the following article: Where can I find the pigeonholes?

Students who do not respect the deadlines, will receive a blank certificate. It is not permitted to warrant absences at a later time. Students can only be absent officially after having enrolled.

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