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Law-General: I need a study credit certificate. Where can I get one?


Credit certificates provide information about your enrolment at the University of Antwerp, and can be obtained via SisA until 30 June of the running academic year. If you would like to obtain a credit certificate between 1 July and the end of the academic year, you can request one from the Registrar’s Office. You will then receive a copy in you university mailbox.

Credit certificates from other academic years or under exam contracts can only be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. Depending on your individual situation, a copy will be sent to your university mailbox or your legal address.

Important: credit certificates may not be used in requests for study grants or family allowance! If you are eligible, then your enrolment data will be sent electronically to the relevant government departments, who will follow standard procedures. The use of a credit certificate in these cases could be seen as malpractice on your part. More information about study grants and family allowance is provided on the university website. You could also contact the International Students Office.

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