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Registrar's Office
Registrar's Office: Select this folder for info on documents, accounts, application and enrolment, tuition fees, diploma, etc...
Antwerp Doctoral School (ADS)
Study programmes
Study programmes: select this folder if you have a question for the faculty related to the contents of your study programme

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General: Helpdesk for English speaking international students Article rated 4.0/5.0
Please only use this helpdesk if you are an English speaking international student.  Dutch international students should use the Dutch helpdesks which can be found through www.uantwerpen.be/helpdesk ...
General: I can't access SisA. What should I do? Article rated 1.0/5.0
Please follow the steps below to correct the problem: Clear the cache of your browser (search Google for "clear cache <name of your browser>" if you don't know how this works) Restart your bro...
General: How to log onto webmail or SisA when Blackboard is unavailable? Article rated 2.3/5.0
When Blackboard is unavailable you can still access your webmail or SisA directly. For SisA: sisastudent.uantwerpen.be  For Webmail: mail.student.uantwerpen.be

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