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Manual: Re-enrolment for a new academic year


As of 16 July you can re-enrol for a new academic year. You can continue in your programme or you can choose another one.
If you have not yet enrolled for the new academic year you will have a task for this under the tile "Tasks”.

Click on the task.

Click on the link here or go to the tile “Requests”.


Select  “Re-enrolment 201#-201#” under “Career management”. You will get the following page.

If you want to continue enrolments for programmes that were active in the previous academic year, mark “yes” for selection and click on “next”. If you don’t want to continue a programme, leave “Select” on “No”.
Attention, if you have completed the bachelor’s programme and are now enrolling for the master you do not continue your enrolment for the same programme. The master’s programme is a different training programme.

If you just want to continue your current enrolment, click on “next”. If you don’t have an active programme or if you want to enroll for another programme as well, click on “Extra Program” first.

You will get the following screen. Fill out career, program and plan and click on “Add Program”.

You go back to the overview. The programme has been added and it is marked for selection.

Click on  “Next” to enroll for the selected programmes.
Please note that you have to select at least one programme before you can select “Next.

Check again if you definitely want to (re-)enroll for the programmes listed. Put ”Yes” next to “I hereby confirm….” and click on “Confirm”.

You will go to “My requests”

A message that your request has been forwarded to the registrar’s office will appear in a green box at the top for a few seconds.


You can click on the request to review the details.

You will get a message in your UAntwerp-mailbox once your request has been processed.


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