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Account: Which are the password requirements for an account of the university?


It is important that your new password meets the password requirements of the University of Antwerp. The following minimum requirements apply:

  • The password consist of minimum 15 and maximum 30 characters.
  • The different characters have to possess three of the four following properties:
    • Uppercase letters: A – Z
    • Lower case letters: a – z
    • Numbers: 0 – 9
    • Special characters such as: #  $  !  +
  • The password must not contain any part of your full name (2 consecutive characters).
  • The password must not match or resemble any of the previous 10 passwords used.
  • Attention, do not use these characters in passwords:
    • accents, trema: ´ ` ¨
    • all letters with trema and umlaut: ë ö ï ...
    • all letters with accents aigu, grave, circonflexe: é í .../ à è ù .../ â ô ...
    • other, special characters: µ £ € § ç ° ² ³
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