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Law-Exams: I am an employed student and have to work during the exams. What can I do?


Notify the faculty student administration office of your situation as soon as possible via the Helpdesk. All employed students are to hand in any supporting documents no later than one working day after the day of the exam: these can either be scanned and sent via the Helpdesk or delivered in person at the office (Venusstraat 23, V.001). By 'supporting documents', we mean an employer’s certificate on official stationery, signed and stamped and mentioning the period during which the exams cannot be attended.

Once the faculty student administration office has ascertained the circumstances and has received the required documents, you will be given (if possible) another date on which you can attend the exam (art. 14.2 Education and Examination Regulations) via your university mail address. The Exam Resit Regulations can be found on Blackboard > exams > regulations or as an attachment to this article.

Only the faculty student administration office is authorised to modify your exam arrangement; they will contact the relevant lecturers. So please do not harass your lecturers with your predicament: they will only send you on to the faculty student administration office.

Exam-Resit-Regulations.docx Exam-Resit-Regulations.docx

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