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Law-Mobility: What does the mobility window entail within the Master of Laws programme?


The University of Antwerp actively takes part of student exchange programmes both within and without Europe, including the Erasmus programme. Students who study abroad for one or two semesters as part of an exchange programme will be exempt from registration fees at the host institution (and pay the usual fee at the University of Antwerp). After the study package is approved, your period abroad will be recognised academically.

One out of four graduated law students spent at least one semester in a foreign or Francophone Belgian university. Our Faculty is able to provide about 120 exchange positions at around 50 partner universities in 20 countries, some of which lie outside of Europe.

In the second year of your Master programme, you will have the opportunity to go abroad for one semester to study from a course selection at one of our privileged partner universities. Every module in the Master of Laws programme has a limited number of preferred partners. In case you choose for mobility to a partner from a module in which you also enrolled in Antwerp, the subject of this module will be mentioned as a ‘major’ on your diploma.

Students who have finished their Bachelor degree in the academic year 2015-2016 and who have already been selected for an Erasmus exchange programme during their first Master’s year, will be allowed to take their second semester abroad. As this is a transitional measure, any other students will have to take a semester abroad during their second year. If you want to go abroad during your first year, you will have to follow the Dutch Master programme.

As another transitional measure, students who during their second year wish to go to a foreign institution that is not a privileged partner can do so on the condition that they put together a package of courses that enlarges on one of the four Master of Laws modules (i.e. Multilevel constitutionalism, Sustainable development and human rights, Law and international business, and Private autonomy). Your proposal will be assessed by the mobility commission and advised upon by the relevant module representative.

Students who are interested in studying abroad are advised to read carefully the information provided on the university website and on Blackboard (Mijn Onderwijs > Facultaire Studentenadministratie Rechten > Internationaal).

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