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Law-Study progress: When will I have obtained a study credit (certificate)? Article not rated yet
You will obtain a study credit (certificate) if you achieve a course score of at least 10 out of 20. You can find out more on the university website.
Law-Study progress: What are special facilities and how can I request them? Article not rated yet
If you wish to create a dossier related to studying with guidance for students with a functional impairment or for elite athletes and artists, you should contact the Study Advice and St
Law-Study progress: how can the study counsellor help me? Article not rated yet
If you are experiencing problems with your study progress or having issues that might have an influence on your progress, you should make an appointment with the study counsellor, Ms Julie Walraevens....
Law-Study progress: How do I contact the study counsellor Article not rated yet
There are several ways to contact the study counsellor: Via this helpdesk by submitting a new ticket. Via telephone: 03 265 58 62. At one of the several information sessions that are organised at t...

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