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Manual doctoral students: Submit your research progress report


Click on the tile “ePhD” and choose “Research progress” in the menu on the left.
Select the relevant academic year.  

The title is the title of your PhD-dissertation. If this field is empty, the administration of your faculty has not yet entered your title in the database. Contact your faculty administration to have this rectified.

Fill in the overview to date and your future planning. You can use the available fields of maximum 1000 words or you can refer to a file in attachment.
If you find the available fields too small, put your cursor in the bottom right corner of the text field to extend it.

You can add 3 attachments of maximum 3 MB each. The formats allowed are pdf, doc and docx. You can request a meeting with the doctoral committee by ticking the relevan box.

Click on “Save” to preserve your work intermittently. Click on “Submit” when your have finished entering the report.

Under “Doctoral committee” you can see the people to whom your report will be sent.

Attention: if there is no chairperson of your IDC  and/or an administrator registered in SisA, you will not be able to submit the research progress report. You will get a message to that effect.

In that case, contact the faculty administration.

You will get the following message.


Click on “Yes”.

If your report has been submitted successfully you will get on screen confirmation. The report status is now “submitted”. The date of submission is also shown.


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