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Law-Study programme: How and when can I request an exemption?


Your request for exemptions must contain: the completely filled out exemption request form, a proof of credits you have obtained or academic transcript(s) of previous qualifications and, if applicable, a copy of your degree(s).

On the form you must mention every course which you consider eligible for an exemption. You must specify the courses you have already completed, the number of credits, the number of contact hours, the lecturer's name and a description of each course (e.g. as an attachment: merely the title of the course is not sufficient!).

Applications for exemption should be made to the faculty study programme counsellor (contact details are provided on the request form).

Please note that only valid requests (i.e. complete and submitted in time) will be considered!


  • 1 October for courses that are (only) offered during the first semester
  • 14 February for courses that are (only) offered during the second semester

ATTENTION: Don’t postpone activating your study programme in SisA until your request has been processed.

form_requests_faculty_English.pdf form_requests_faculty_English.pdf

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