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Law-Study programme: Can I take more than 66 study credits?


No. In principle, the extent of your study programme is limited to 66 study credits.

The Education and Examination Regulations (Art. 5.3.2) state that "Unless the faculty or faculties invokes/invoke exceptional circumstances or deems/deem that the student is able to achieve the envisaged study progress, the total study load taken on in any academic year may not exceed 66 credits.”

For students following a master degree programme a maximum of 78 study credits is permitted on condition that the student can graduate the same academic year (see UDB Codex, in Dutch). In this case, you may request permission to exceed this limit from the Extended Executive Committee (i.e. the UDB). First you need to enrol in all of your courses (first the courses for the first semester, subsequently the courses for the second semester) up to the limit of 66 study credits. Please contact your faculty administration office in person (room V.001) to go through the final steps.

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