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Manual doctoral students: Follow-up on your milestones


Starting from the academic year 2022-2023, the faculty will add a set of administrative milestones for each doctoral student. It is important that you follow-up on these milestones and that you take the necessary action to complete them. Doctoral students who are near the end of their doctoral training will have a smaller set of milestones than starting doctoral students.

To view your milestones, log onto SisA with your student account.

Click on the tile “ePhD” and choose “Milestones” in the menu on the left.


You will get an overview of you milestones. These are grouped per phase. Click on the arrows to expand the other phases.

The phase with the first incomplete milestone will be expanded. As soon as all milestones of a phase are completed, this will be collapsed and the next phase will be expanded.

Click on the milestone for more details about what needs to be done to complete the milestone.

Should the faculty not have added a set of milestones for you yet, you will get the following message.

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