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Manual: Add or drop an academic subplan


Click on the tile “Requests”. Choose "Add academic subplan" or Drop academic subplan” under "Career management". Select the programme concerned in the section at the bottom. If you are enrolled in just one programme this section will be filled out automatically.

Click on “next”.

Select the academic subplans. If you have selected the wrong academic subplan, click on the minus-sign. Depending on the authorized combination you can add a second (or third) academic plan by clicking on “add line”. Once you have made the right choices, click on “next”.

You get a summary of your requested academic subplans in a pop-up screen. If everything is correct, click on “Confirm”.


Your request will be processed automatically. You go to the list of your requests.

Click on the request to view the details.

If you want to change your academic subplan at a later stage you can delete the chosen academic subplan through “Drop academic subplan”.

Mark "Yes" for the academic subplan that you want to drop. Click on "Next"

Click on "Confirm" on the pop-up screen.

Your request will be processed automatically.
You get the list your requests.

Click on the request to view the details.

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