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Manual doctoral students: Add activities doctoral training


Log onto SisA with your student account

Click on the tile “ePhD” and choose first "Doctoral Training" and then “Manage activities” in the menu on the left.

Under the link “Crucial documents for adding activities in SisA” you will find all relevant information such as regulations and manuals.

Click on the button “Add activity”.

If you are exempt from the doctoral training or if you have completed the doctoral training programme you will get a message to that effect and you will not be able to add activities.

First, choose the type that fits your activity.

You can choose from:

  1. Courses and career development

  2. Education and (academic) services

  3. Publications and productions/creations

  4. (Academic) Communication

  5. Project proposals and recognitions



Next choose the activity that you want to add. 

Depending on the type you have chosen you can choose from:

Important: Technically, you can enter any type of activity. However, you need to follow your faculty regulation (see points table). Not every type of activity is applicable to your faculty.

Based on your choice the competence category will be filled out automatically in most cases. For a limited number of activities you will have to select the competence category from a list, based on the competence profile.

Also based on your choices above a number of fields will appear. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. If your activity only took one day, fill out the same date twice (from and to)

In order to prove that you have done the activity you need to either add a supporting link (url) or upload a supporting document. Without a valid certification your activity will be rejected and no points will be awarded.

Please note: the accepted format is PDF.

Give yourself points for your activity, bearing in mind your faculty regulation.

Please note: Use a comma for decimals. You can add one number after the comma.

Please note: you cannot add activities with a future date.

Once you have completed all (mandatory) fields you click on “save”.

Your activity will automatically be added to the next progress report. Should you decide (later) that you do not wish to report this activity on the next report, you can deselect it when reporting.

You will get an overview of all the activities that you have entered grouped per competence category. You can return to an activity and change or delete it.

You can add as many activities as you want by clicking the button “Add activity”. It is possible to leave the list of activities and return to it at different times during the year to add more.

If you want to change an activity that you have entered, you can open it by clicking on it. You can now make the necessary changes. Click on “save”. If you want to delete the activity, tick the selection box and next click on "Delete activity". It is possible to delete more activities at once.  

Should you have reported activities that were rejected previously because they were not (sufficiently) certified you can easily add these again (to the next progress report) by using the button “copy uncertified activity”.

You will get a list with uncertified activities. Select the right activity.

All fields will be filled out as before. You can now add another supporting document to certify the activity. Next, click on “save”.

You will only be able to do this for activities reported as of 2018-2019.

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