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Personal data: There's no photo in my Personal Information or I want a new photo.


If your photo is missing (or if you want a new photo), you can upload a photo in SisA. This photo must meet the following specifications:

  • file format: .jpg or .jpeg
  • orientation: portrait (no square or landscape photos) and passport size
  • size: max 1 MB

Please observe the following so your photo is not rejected:

  • the face should be the main part (this is at least 2/3rds) of the photo
  • the eyes and face should be clearly visible (frontal view)
  • too much facial shadow should be avoided
  • the background should not contain other objects or interfere with your face (use a plain background)
  • the photo should have enough contrast and not be under- or overexposed
  • the photo should not be out of focus, optically distorted or contain unnatural features
  • do not use a photo which was stamped or has text or lines on it (e.g. from a passport)
  • avoid that the photo is surrounded by too much white space (crop the photo)

Your photo should look like this:

If you have to modify a photo (e.g. to adjust the size or format) you can always use one of the free online photo editors such as https://photoutils.com

If you have the problem that your photo turns sideways when you upload it in SisA, please read a possible solution on this website: https://savolai.net/software/jpeg-autorotate/.  It also sometimes work if you rotate your photo using the Paint programme on a windows PC.

Please note that you can upload a new photo only once per academic year.

A new photo does not automatically lead to a new physical student card.

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