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Law-Exams: How do I exchange an exam?


In order to exchange an oral exam, you must follow these steps:

Find a peer willing and able to swap the exam with you, using the relevant forums, i.e. via Blackboard rather than email.
One of you sends a request (ticket) via the Helpdesk with the following details:

  • Request subject: "Exchange exam <course name>"
  • Request body must contain at least the name, enrolment number, date, hour and room for each student

You will receive an email from us confirming your request. As soon as the exchange has been entered into SisA, both of you will receive an email confirming the exchange. It is of paramount importance that both of you bring a printed copy of this email to the exam and that you present it to the professor or the exam supervisor. You may be denied admission to the exam without this copy.

Your SisA schedule should show your modified exam schedule correctly. If it does not, please contact the faculty administration office.

It is not possible to exchange exams with students who have deregistered from their exam. Exam spaces that have become vacant cannot be filled in by other students.

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