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ADS - certificate supplement - Can I still add actvities to my specific supplement after closing my doctoral education programme?


PhD students of the faculties of Business and Economics, or Law, or of the Institute of Development Policy need to contact the administrative coordinator in case of questions about the certificate supplement (see website ADS > Contact page).

For the other faculties, the following applies:

At the end of your PhD trajectory, you can choose between a general or a specific certificate supplement, with regard to the doctoral study programme (see website of the Antwerp Doctoral School). 
The specific supplement allows you to mention a selection of activities that you performed for the doctoral study programme. These activities must (1) be approved in a peer review sessions (organized in May/June each academic year) ánd (2) be supported with valid proof. 

It is not possible to have extra activities approved after having closed down the doctoral study programme. Consequently it is not possible to add extra activities to the certificate supplement.

Exception: PhD students whose doctoral study programme was completed before July 1st 2016, can add extra activities in accordance with the faculty PhD regulations. These activities should be listed and, together with the extra supporting documents, sent to DoctoralEducation@uantwerpen.be before defending your PhD.

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