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Learning account and COVID-19


As a consequence of COVID-19, the Flemish government has imposed a new, temporary regulation with regard to the learning account on 15 July. Our university has established a new regulation that conforms to that of the government. To sum up:

You can only reinstate your learning account if you meet certain conditions:

  • Only for courses from the 2nd semester or straddling the whole year, and of which at least a part took place after 9 March 2020.
  • You can declare being in a force majeure situation as a consequence of COVID-19.
  • You took part of the final exam possibility, i.e. during the second-session exam period. Exams from the first exam period will not be considered. You will need an exam result, so having been absent from the exam is not valid.
  • You must have registered for the second-session exam.

You can submit your learning account to be reinstated with the relevant department of the Flemish government:

  • Your request will be evaluated to see if it meets the conditions. If so, your account will be modified and you will always be notified personally.
  • A modification of your learning account is never automatic - you must always start an official procedure.
  • You must submit your request within 30 days following the publication of the exam results of the second session. We will make a proper form available for you.

Request form for the Flemish government:

  • The following information will be required:
    • Name
    • National identification number
    • Adress
    • Email address
    • Name and address of the university
    • Description of your force majeure situation, related to COVID-19
    • Relevant courses (see conditions above)
  • The Flemish government may request an overview of your second-session exam results
  • The form will be made available early September.

Your learning account at the University of Antwerp

Please submit a ticket via the helpdesk so that we may add you to the course.

Your learning account and study progress control

The learning account is in no way connected to your study progress control, which are strictly internal measures and fully contingent on you being able to obtain minimum 60% of the number of credits in which you are enrolled for that academic year. Any reinstatement of learning credit has no bearing whatsoever on study progress control.

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