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Where can I find the scores of the courses of the exchange programme? Artikel beoordeeld 2.0/5.0
The scores will be added in SisA by the student administration. You can find the scores in SisA selfservice with 'cijfers' under de tabsheet 'sp overdracht'.
Should the dates on the Learning Agreement (LA) be changed if they differ from the initially listed arrival and departure dates? Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
A small change is certainly not a problem and the dates do not have to be changed on the LA. You must always report a change in dates, though, to your faculty and the IRO (International Relations Off...
Upload of Transcript of Records (TOR) and Transcript of Work (TOW) after the Mobility period Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
Normally a TOR should be made by the host institution in case of Erasmus study. However, if you only did research for your master thesis, it is possible that they will not provide a TOR. In that case,...
On the Learning Agreement (LA) courses must be added (in case of research for the Master's thesis). Should I add 'project proposal' and 'master thesis' with the corresponding ECTS? Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
On the LA there is a table A and a table B.  In table A you have to fill in the course name and code of the host institution. If you cannot find a corresponding course in the programme of the host in...
Is there a deadline for completion of the Learning Agreement (LA)? Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
There is no strict deadline. The LA must be uploaded (complete and signed by all parties) before departure. However, the application in Mobility-Online can only be finally approved if the LA has been...
Signatures on the Learning Agreement (LA); Who has to sign where? Artikel beoordeeld 3.0/5.0
The LA has to be signed by yourself, the administrative member for internationalisation of the faculty and the international coordinator (or other responsible person of their choice) of the host insti...
Questions regarding the OLS language test. Artikel beoordeeld 2.0/5.0
The OLS language test is only applicable for Erasmus (within Europe). Questions regarding the test have to be directed to the International Relations Office. Send your question to: OutgoingStudents@...
The arrival and departure date of my exchange period is an estimation. I am not certain that these are the exact dates. Is this a problem? Are there any consequences for the payment of the scholarship? Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
An estimation of the arrival and departure dates is fine at the beginning. As soon as the dates are final, you can confirm them to the faculty and also to the International Relations Office (mail to:...
When do I have to upload a 'changes to LA' in Mobility-Online? Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
A 'changes to LA' is only necessary in case of a change in: - number of ECTS - chosen courses - working place - extension of the exchange period (after approval of the faculty and IRO)
Which dates must be completed in Mobility as arrival and departure date of my stay (research or courses) abroad? Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
If you follow courses, you must look at the course schedule of the host institution. If you will do your master thesis abroad, you choose the dates together with the host institution/lab. The faculty...
Is an extension of the erasmus period possible? What are the consequences for the scholarship? Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
The payment of the scholarship is based on the dates mentioned in the mobility contract. Only in case of an official request for an extension of the period, the scholarship can be adjusted. In case o...
What is the difference between the Learning Agreement (LA), the Internship Contract and the Mobility Contract? Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
The Learning Agreement (Learning Agreement for Study in the case of courses or Learning Agreement for Traineeship in the case of internships) must be signed by the student,

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