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Where can I find the topics/guideline for the master's thesis? Artikel beoordeeld 1.8/5.0
The subjects for the master's thesis and the guideline (manual) can be found on the studentportal under My education > Bachelor or master dissertation > Master dissertation > Faculty of Socia...
Master's thesis, registering the topic of your thesis Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
Submitting a master's thesis topic in SisA After consultation with your supervisor, you submit an application for your master's thesis topic in SisA.
I want to change the subject and/or supervisor Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
More information on how to change the subject and/or supervisor can be found on https://studhelp.uantwerpen.be/ro_helpdesk/knowledgebase.php?article=232 Please note that if you follo
I only need to enrol for master's thesis Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
If you only need to complete your master's thesis, you will need to (re-)enrol for the master programme ánd for the master's thesis. You must also re-submit the subject of your master's thesis in SisA...
I want to write my master's thesis in another language than in English. Application form is required! Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
As stated in the guideline, every master's thesis in a foreign language must be motivated. You can find this form on the Studentportal, under 'My education' > 'Bachelor or master dissertation' >...
Master's thesis - plagiarism check Artikel beoordeeld 1.0/5.0
You can always check your master's thesis for plagiarism, without obligation, via SafeAssign.    Please find attached the manual to do so. 
Designing and submitting your master's thesis Artikel beoordeeld 1.0/5.0
Form requirements  The master's thesis will only be submitted digitally via SisA. Read the guideline for the form requirements of your master's thesis on the
Master's theses defenses Artikel beoordeeld 5.0/5.0
You can consult the academic calender for the dates of the master’s thesis defences:
search for a dissertation Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
I’m looking for a thesis Master’s theses of the Faculty of Social Sciences can be digitally retrieved via the library.

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