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Apply for a customised initial package Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
See also: what is an initial package?  
Optional courses master of International Relations Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
For a few elective courses from the master of International Relations and Diplomacy there is a registration limit of 25 students. In order to give everyone a fair chance the registration for some cour...
Seminar New Media and Politics Artikel beoordeeld 2.3/5.0
It is stated in the course information on the 
I want to add courses from the second semester but I can't seem to add courses Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
At the beginning of the academic year we check all study programmes. The programmes will be systematically closed by 31 October at the latest and the selfservice will then no longer be accessible.  Th...
I can't add the master's thesis to my programme Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
As soon as you combine your bachelor, preparatory or bridging programme with your master you normally cannot add the master's thesis yourself. 
How do I add an elective course if it is not mentioned in the model path or under my requirements? Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
First check if you are allowed to include the course in your study programme (check the study guide or ask this helpdesk).
request for exemptions Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
  If you have previously followed a course or collected credits, you may be eligible for one or more exemptions.
Adding Research Design Seminar to your master's programme Artikel beoordeeld 2.0/5.0
The Research Design Seminar can only be added to your programme if you are also enrolled for the course master thesis or if you obtained a credit for the master's thesis. Or, if you can participate i...
I want to take master's courses in addition to my bachelor's/preparatory/bridging programme Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
It is possible to combine 2 programmes. This is allowed within FSW up to a maximum of 72 credits for both programmes combined and only if you are also in the diploma year for your lowest programme. H...
What are the minimum requirements for admission to the master's programme if the bachelor's programme has not yet been fully completed? Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
The education committee recommends that students who have not yet completed their bachelor programme should not take up a programme that is too heavy. But if you are finalising your bachelor or bridgi...
Changing your programme during the academic year Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
Until 30 September: changing, deleting, adding courses via your SisA Selfservice From 1 October till 30 October: if changin
Re-enrolment for the master if you failed the previous programme Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
Combination students who have obtained all credits for their master programme, but cannot graduate due to the fact that they have not passed their previous programme (bachelor, bridging or preparatory...
Can I deregister via SisA for a programme? Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
Yes. View the SisA manual (item: change your current enrolment) Manual: Download the complete manual (uantwerpen.be)
'Research methods' master Political Science Artikel beoordeeld 3.4/5.0
You will not be able to choose a Research methods seminar in your SisA Selfservice. An online registration form will be available on the studentportal under 'my education' >timetables and study pro...
Monitoring your study progress Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
As stipulated in the Education and Examination Regulation (OER), the Faculty of Social Sciences imposes measures to monitor the study progress of a student who has not acquired at least 60% of the cre...
I want to add a course but SisA does not allow this Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
In principle, you could add all courses from the standard study programme.   However, it may be that there is a problem with course sequence prerequisites, then you must report this to the student a...
Request study programmes of more than 72 credits Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
The recommended study package is 60 credits, but students can, if they wish, add up to 72 credits (note: this is only possible if you do not fall under a study progress monitoring measure (including t...
I changed my programme and the courses on the studentportal no longer match Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
Courses that you delete in your SisA selfservice remain linked in the studentportal. ICT removes them from time to time, so not on a regular basis. But at some point they should disappear.   New cou...
Re-registering for the master in case of failure to pass the preparatory programme Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
Combination students who have obtained all credits for their master's programme, but cannot be declared 'passed' due to the fact that they did not pass their previous programme (bachelor's, bridging o...
Adding the master's thesis to your study programme Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
Adding the master's thesis to your programme is only possible the day after registering for your master's programme. 
Internship Artikel nog niet beoordeeld
  At the beginning of October there is a presentation of the internship.

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