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Apply for a customised initial package


See also: what is an initial package?


As a new student, you will usually take up a standard initial package of 60 credits. This is compulsory if you:

- Have not yet obtained a bachelor's degree before

- Are starting for the first time in the Communication Studies, Political Sciences or Sociology programme


Only in certain cases can you take up a modified initial package:

- You previously obtained a degree. Your initial package is then determined individually by the study counsellor

- You have a special status or are a working student: your initial package can consist of 45, 33 or 18 credits

- You enrol from the second semester: your initial package consists of 24 or 33 credits depending on the programme, with only course units from the second semester.

- you have a very exceptional situation: your initial package is determined individually.


To obtain a part-time initial package, you must always submit a request to the study counsellor. You do this via the online form. This only applies to students who want to take up a part-time initial package because of a special status. If you want to take a full-time initial package, you do not need to submit an application.


By default, you register for the 60 credits. As soon as your application is approved, the faculty will adjust your study programme, with which your initial package will also be adjusted.


Please note! You can only make this application once your special status or working student status has been approved/granted.

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