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To whom do I ask which question?


For general problems, please contact the student administration via http://fswhelp.be or visit the student administration (Lokaal M135, De Meerminne) during opening hours: every working day from 9 AM to 1.30 PM make an appointment.

Some examples:

- if you have problems applying for your programme in SisA

- missing grades from previous years on your advisory report

- questions about lecture schedules

- requesting for a transcript of records...


When to contact the study programme counsellor:

- if you have substansive questions about the composition of your programme

- applying for exemptions

- if you want to register with a credit contract

- if you want to take more credits than the permitted 66

- if you fall under study progress control and have questions about this

- if you have a shortage of learning account

- if you have problems with your study planning, if you have exam stress...

by e-mail : ann.aertssen@uantwerpen.be

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