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What are the minimum requirements for admission to the master's programme if the bachelor's programme has not yet been fully completed?


The education committee recommends that students who have not yet completed their bachelor programme should not take up a programme that is too heavy. But if you are finalising your bachelor or bridging programme you can add master courses (under your master programme!) up to 66 credits in total for both programmes.

If a student wishes to take up a programme that is more than 66 credits, this is only possible with a motivated request to the study programme counselor (ann.aertssen@uantwerpen.be) and after permission from the programme committee. 

Your master's thesis can only be added in the year of graduation. The education and examination regulation is strictly applied: you cannot register for the master's thesis as long as you still have to complete courses from bachelor or bridging programme - even if your total programme is less than 66 credits.


An unofficial start the year before you graduate is possible if you meet certain conditions. The unofficial start is only intended for those who can graduate in February.

For more information, please check the extra information added to the guideline on the studentportal https://student.uantwerpen.be/UA_SP_MY-EDUCATION/3416963

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