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Graduate in February


For who?


For students
- enrolled for the academic year
- with a limited amount of credits to obtain
- for a bachelor or master diploma
- for courses given in the first semester and examinated in January
- and/or for the master’s thesis


Students submit a request (as of 1 November) to graduate through SisA selfservice- study program > requests > graduation in February

This procedure ends on 31 December 23.59 h. Students who want to graduate in January engage themselves. Those students who did not submit their final master’s thesis by the deadline in January, can get permission to hand in in June ON THE CONDITION THAT you notify us (through our helpdesk fswhelp.be) on the day of the deadline at the latest. If you fail to do so, the examination chance for the June session is no longer possible and you will automatically be transferred to the second session examination.




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